9 thoughts on “ Zeta (Introduction, Blue-Note And Non-Math-Alea) ”

  1. Piece - Introduction e Gigue (Hommage a Pierre Cochereau) Organ - Kalevi Kiviniemi Griola [GRCD KK], Germany КЛОССЕК Маркус и ВЕРНЕР Мартин Пауль. KLOSSEK Marcus & WERNER Martin Paul. KLO-WER НЕМЕЦКИЙ ДЖАЗ "Soulfood".
  2. CODE by Anker Fjeld, released 10 February 1. Alpha (Introduction, Onevoice Theme, Variations And Canon) 2. Beta (Introduction, Theme And Variations) 3. Gamma (12 Voice Equalproportioned Time-Pitch Canon) 4. Delta (Intonation And Triad) 5. Epsilon (Analouge Vs. Digital) 6. Vau-Stigma (Introduction And Mephistomusic) 7. Zeta (Introduction, Blue-Note And Non-Math-Alea.

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